Eliza B & Leather Man Ltd.

We are pleased to offer a selection of sandals, totes, leashes, and more to the SRYC online Ship Store. We are please to make these items available from Eliza B and leather Man Ltd through their eCommerce website.  Please follow the following link to view the items and to make your online purchase directly.

SRYC Custom link for Eliza B

Zeeks Tees

Show your pride in being a member of the Yacht Club by proudly displaying the SRYC Burgee.
Custom orders tailored to your preferences – embroidered with SRYC Burgee, boat name, crew/captain, etc.
Personalized service for all your questions and orders
How to Shop and Select:

  1. Go online to Zeeks Tees or Company Casuals
  2. If you know what you’re looking for, click on one of the following Zeek’s links:
  3. Polo Shirts
    Dress and Casual
    T Shirts
    Fleece and Sweatshirts
    Bags and Accessories
  4. Shop by catalogs available at the yacht club
  5. Visit Zeek’s Tees: 515 Highway 36, Belford, NJ 07718

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call Monica at Zeek’s Tees (732-291-2700).
When you are ready to order:

Call Monica at Zeek’s Tees (732-291-2700) and provide the following:
Style Number
Desired Color
Quantity by Size – can purchase a single item
Desired Decoration and Position – e.g. left chest/front of hat

Delivery Options:

Ground shipping via UPS
You may pick up your purchases at Zeek’s Tees.
If you really have your heart set on a shirt or jacket not available through Zeek’s, they’ll embroider the SRYC Burgee for you at a nominal cost.

Fast, Simple and Easy!


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